Kumar de Silva
  • Darshan Dharmaraj, Sri Lanka’s Rajini Kanth who was never to be !

    He was never ashamed to speak of the two and a half years he worked as a Naattaami (labourer) in the Pettah. In fact he was proud of it too. He often said, “carrying those loads constantly helped me realize the burden of life”. That was Darshan Dharmaraj, the young Tamil man from Rakwana and old boy of St. John’s College whose economic problems brought him to Colombo to make it big in the capital city. He nurtured dreams of becoming an actor. The only job that would give him great flexibility of time was that of a ”Naataami”, even though it also meant sleeping on cardboard at times. Such was his dream and determination. The rest is contemporary Sri Lankan cinema history. The news of his sudden death of a heart attack at 41 years on Sunday 02nd October 2022, reverberated across the nation and among all ethnicities. It


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