Kumar de Silva
  • Goodbye Cedric de Silva, the Gentle Gentleman !!!

    Gentlemen are aplenty, but a Gentle Gentleman is truly a rarity. And that’s what Cedric de Silva was. He was a Gentle Gentleman. He passed away at home last night (31 May) at the age of 91. He was ailing for quite a while. Three years ago, something snapped in Cedric when Sita (nee Dunuwille), his wife of nearly half a century passed away on 10th June 2018. He came to the AF Raymonds funeral parlour where Sita’s body lay. He slowly walked around the coffin, then sat on a chair and began talking to a friend. After a while, he had got up and said, “I will go home now and come back for the funeral with Sita”. Such had been his state of mind. If Sita was the wind beneath his wings, which she truly was, Cedric was then the rock on which she leant. Their relationship was


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