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‘Nostalgie 05’ brings the streets of Paris to life

NOSTALGIE 05 - main imageThis summer ‘Nostalgie 05’ brings the streets of Paris to life in a trillion shades of gray in its fifth edition of the annual series of black and white photographic exhibitions as part of the French Spring Festival 2015.

This year’s theme has been inspired by one of my very strange hobbies which is – observing human behavioural patterns. The streets of Paris constitute a gigantic and living open-air art gallery with its little microcosms of performance art. There are its conscious performers whom people watch, look at, applaud and recompense, or even totally ignore and walk away.


Kumar de Silva

There are also those unconscious ones whose performances are more spontaneous and refreshingly unpredictable. They are there … all over. You only have to stop and look … as they unfold beneath your eyes in a multi-dimensional real life performance – Kumar de Silva


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