Kumar de Silva
  • Dracula! … You just can’t keep a good vampire down!


      AnandaDrama’s acclaimed original comedy about fiction’s most notorious bloodsucker returns to the Lionel Wendt this November as part of its Theatre Festival 2015! Dracula!’s debut in July this year kept audiences spellbound as 5 actors, 4 directors, 3 writers, 2 stage managers and 1 producer miraculously compressed Bram Stoker’s 118-year-old, 161,259 word long novel into 100 minutes of pure theatrical entertainment. Featuring mesmerising performances by its small cast, innovative stagecraft, atmospheric musical score and spectacular light and sound effects, the play was universally praised by critics and audiences alike, leading to its selection as one of just two original plays to feature in this year’s Lionel Wendt Memorial Theatre Festival. Dracula! will take the stage on 21st and 22nd November 2015. Prepare for the laugh of your lives as Dinoo Wickramage, Aneeq Hashim, Vishan Gunawardena and Lithmal Jayawardena skillfully portray 49 characters while Nandun Dissanayake struggles not to trip

  • “Some biographies are meant to be remembered … His was never meant to be written …”

    Kirthi 05

    Kirthi Sri Karunaratne (28 Nov 1930 – 01 Nov 2015) Telephone calls and text messages kept criss-crossing Colombo from around 7.30 last Sunday morning as news broke of the demise of the veteran and legendary couturier Kirthi Sri Karunaratne. The news then rapidly spread to Face Book as friends, fans, clients and colleagues from around the world connected with each other in expressions of grief and sorrow. Had he been alive, Kirthi would have been 85 years at the end of this month on Saturday 28th November. With his demise, yet another era in Sri Lanka’s fashion industry comes to a close. Once on a television talk show with me, I remember him proudly recalling his debut into fashion designing as a teenaged Ananda College schoolboy, and, the long and colourful journey thereon. This was journey which took him to Rome where he worked with designer Emilio Schubert, to London


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